Release Notes

Map Provider Change

May 27st, 2014

The CIMIS Web API has grown since its inception with projections calling for continued growth. The CIMIS Web API makes use of map services essential for validating and obtaining address, zip code, and coordinate data. The two major map service providers are Google and Bing (CIMIS currently uses Google). Google and Bing place restrictions on the number of map requests that may be made daily. These restrictions pose a risk to reliably providing CIMIS Web API services. Upgrading to an enterprise licenses vastly extends the usage thresholds mitigating the risk of interrupted service now and into the future.

A cost-benefit study was made between Bing and Google as it relates specifically to the needs of the program and DWR is happy to report its selection of Bing as its map provider. DWR has procured an enterprise license to ensure we meet the needs of ever expanding demand. DWR intends to release a new version of the CIMIS Web API which makes use of Bing services. The actual release date of the revised CIMIS Web API is TBD.

What does this mean to me?
This change does not affect how you call CIMIS Web API services. Bing and Google may differ slightly in how they report data. For instance, Google and Bing coordinates may not match precisely when geocoding the same address.

As always, please contact CIMIS Support to report any issues you encounter when using the CIMIS Web API.

Thank you,
CIMIS Management